• Who said Florida is flat?


    November 3rd, 2019

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    The Orlando Health South Lake Hospital

  • The Event

    The infamous Sugar 8

    100 miles+

    The Complete Route.


    Feet of Climb.


    Only finish.


    Times up

    Sugar Loaf


    4 & 4

    S. Buckhill rd &

    The Wall

  • Sugar 8 Challenge

    Created by Epic Cycles World

  • Your Name

    Engraved in History

    These are the few that have conquered it.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Roman Brana, John Ocampo, Stephen Crowley


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Mitsuru Ishii, Jeff Blazek, Kailey Blazek, Nate Brown
    John Campo, Stephen Crowley, Steve Brisbois, Ralph Hopkins.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Roman Brana, Joe Antanasio, Alain Delorme.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Roman Brana, Henry Ortiz, John Ocampo, Billy Jimenez, Carlos Garcia,

    Mike Bonbka, Leonardo Bargas, Mike Hehler, Michael Hubbard,

    Mitsuru Ishii, Joe Britanico.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Hector Cabrera, Tamara Kozulina, Michael Hubbard, Stephen Crowley,

    Henry Ortiz, Jaime Chavez, Rafael Tovar, Andy Aziz, Billy Jimenez,

    Carlos Garcia,Rick Hubner, Alixa Villalobos.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Tim Palyuk, Mike Pettis, Tagg LeDuc, Ralph Hopkins, John Ocampo, Billy Jimenez,

    Henry Ortiz, Carlos Garcia, Rafael Tovar, Jaime Chavez, Edgar Marquez,

    Stephen Crowley, Jaimela Dulaney, Michael Hubbard.


    The Victors 88+ miles edition.

    Jairo Castro, Hector Paez, Jeremy Arguilles, Francisco Hernadez, Tony Sanchez,

    Jose Cabrera, Alfredo Figueroa, John Stone, Mike Pettis, Marianne Holtz,

    Octavio Ocampo, Ed Lally, Ernesto Ocampo, John Percy, Carlos Garcia,

    Billy Jimenez, Rafael Tovar.


    The Victors 100+ miles edition.

    Jairo Castro, Tamara Kozulina, John Restrepo, Tommy Torgersen,

    Ricky Freeman, Miguel Mora, Yair Nunez, Tim Schaln, Mike Pettis,

    Rafael Tovar, Michael Griffin, Nathan Thatcher, Carlos Piniero,

    Billy Jimenez, Carlos Alberto Garcia, Jairo Castro, Edgar Marquez.


    The Victors 100+ miles edition.

    Todd Vicker, Keith Sherrick, Tamara Kozulina, Felipe Monsalve,

    Mike Pettis, David Salley, Ricky Freeman, Danna Vicker,

    Tony Parra, Alfonso Llanos, Ruth Sherrick, Trina Perkins,

    Chris Brancato, Steve Kopets, Hansen Hermono, Mike Griffin,

    Billy Jimenez, Nathan Thacker, Leonardo London, Wayne Nguyen,

    Yair Nunez, Lynn Bryan, Linda Musante, Peter Gilbert,

    Sue Shook, Claire Greenwood.


    The Victors 100+ miles edition.

    Keith Sherrick, Tamara Kozulina, Casey Gunther, Marc LeFerrier,

    Danna Vicker, Jairo Cardozo, Rafel Tovar, Tony Parra, Ruth Sherrick,

    Trina Perkins, Weyden Porto, Eckhard Waldschmidt, Chris Brancato,

    Octavio OCampo, Jaime Chavez, Curtis Juteram, Eric Townes,

    Daniel Sandi, Paul Crady, Elton Vaccaro, Andrea Hadba, Francisco Gandin,

    Paul Cunningham, Luciana Vinocur, Donna Smith, Dennis Fox, Linda Musante,

    Scott Reckless, Daniel Mabie, Wayne Wolf, Daniel McClimans, David Salley,

    Lynn Bryan, Tom Hegarty, Peter Gilbert.


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  • Registration for the Event is open

    You will received additional details once you register.

    Including time of the event, before and after ride party event details,

    when to pick up the event packet, etc...

    Sugar 8 Meal Ticket only
    Sugar 8 Meal Ticket only
    You want to join the festivities but not the ride. This is for you.
    Coming soon
    Sugar 8 Entry fee 2019-LIMITED TO 100 RIDERS
    Sugar 8 Entry fee 2019-LIMITED TO 100 RIDERS
    SINGLE RIDER entry to Sugar 8. The entry fee entitles you to ride support, morning breakfast ride, after ride party. Record entry if you complete all laps.
    Fee is the same for those only riding a portion of the ride. You can complete all 100+ miles or just do one complete lap, which will be about 37 miles, 2 laps 60 miles or 3 laps 80 miles. Please note this is a non-refundable event ticket. If there is a reason you can not attend, you must contact the organizer, for possible solutions.
    Coming soon